Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Super Party

When I started thinking about the boy's birthday parties I decided to put all my eggs into one basket (rather than two, two weeks apart - hahaha) and plan a combined party.  I can't imagine hosting two events within the span of two weeks (plus, there seem to be LOTS of April babies within my circle of friends and weekends were filling up quickly and I figured everyone would appreciate a one-stop-shop as far as my kids birthdays were concerned).

I decided to go with a "pop-art superhero" theme that I first came across on Pinterest (oh, Pinterest, what did I ever do without you), and picked and chose my favorite ideas to make one "Super Party". Dave and I decided to host it at our house in the backyard and let the kids play in the new playhouse, on the swingset and in the sandbox, but mother nature had a new plan (she didn't care that we had spread over 30 bags of mulch JUST for the occasion) and a HUGE storm system started rolling in. On Saturday morning we made the call to switch the party location to the Country Club and it ended up working out GREAT!

So much for the DOZENS of pinwheels I had planned to line the entryway to our house, but I think the balloons in the foyer of the club were a nice touch :)

When the kids got to the top of the stairs I had superhero masks set out for them to pick from (yes, they're hand-sewn - shout out to Gibi who came through in a crunch when my sewing machine decided that two days before the party would be a good time to crap out on me).

I made little coloring books and the Starbucks sleeves were intended to be decorated with the foam stickers and crayons and then worn as superhero armbands.  Oh wait, you're thinking.  What foam stickers???  That's right - I bought 1000 foam "stickers" except they weren't stickers at all... just foam "pieces".  Ebby Lee pointed it out to me.  Awesome. :)

The spread...

It wasn't "quite" as I had envisioned it being at my house, but I think it came together well.  I saved up boxes for a few weeks (cereal, pasta, capri suns, etc.) and then wrapped them in colored paper and used electrical or duct tape for the windows to create a "skyline".

The banner came together pretty quickly, I bought comic books and used them as one of the papers which ended up looking cute.

The food was all set up at one end of the room and at the other end (the end where I'm standing to take this picture) we had a projector set up with a movie playing.  We were planning on playing "The Incredibles" to go along with the theme, but Luke really wanted Toy Story 3... so we obliged.

The boy's invitation... (www.slightlyaskewdesigns.com) hehehe

I HATE HATE HATE making cake pops (which is why there were only 19 - hehehe), but I couldn't resist their cuteness and color-coordinateness, so I toughed through it.  They weren't the prettiest cake pops by ANY stretch of the imagination, but they served their purpose well.

Fruit served as an "Energy Blast"

The "Daring Dip" was actually the "crack dip" that's been all over Pinterest, but I wasn't sure how appropriate that would be :)

Get it, carrots enhance laser vision?!?!?! I'm a nerd.

The practical side of me won out when it came to the cake - I just couldn't justify the price of having someone make it for me.  Granted, the toppers aren't fondant (and the icing isn't perfect), but it looked cuter than I thought it would. :)

The cupcake wrappers and toppers were an easy project and after a little practice with the piping bag the icing wasn't too hard. I used a really great wedding cupcake recipe (I'll post it later) and made buttercream icing to go on top.

The punch in the drink dispenser is supposed to look "layered" - if I did it again I'd use a darker blue Gatorade for more

I saw this quote on several Etsy pages and so I made my own coordinating one:

We taped down bubble wrap so the kids could jump on it and "POP!" like superheroes :)

Me and one of the birthday boys before the party :)

Luke making a crazy face showing me his muscles :)

Ebby Lee and Kensington coloring...

Some of the boys watching the movie...

There was lots of running and chasing :)

Levi and Lilly :)

Olivia and Mason chattin' it up:


Mason, Molly and Maggie checking out the bubble wrap:




Princess Molly :)

Anistyn and Nathan...

Uncle Stephen, Dave and Mason:

Cake time!!!

Sarah and Rachel (with Maggie and Rawston):

Aunt DiDi and Uncle Mark:

Crazy Cousins!!!

LOVE how great Lilly is!!!

Hahaha! I called his name and this is the face I got :)

"I can't hear the movie!!!" :)

I made "Super Doh" for the kids to take on their way out:

The "picture wall" was the box from our playhouse that I wrapped in wrapping paper and added a few "booms". 

Jaxson and Rawston:

Mason and Uncle Jonathan:

Carter's backless superman costume :)

Dave thought this would be fun - until Luke threw up blue Kool-Aid Jammers all over his shoes :)

Me and my FOUR YEAR OLD!!!

Love all my boys :)

Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooo much to everyone who came and ate and celebrated with us! Y'all are SUPER!!! :)


  1. SUPER cute party! And I love the last family pic!

  2. We did a superhero party for my 4-year-old little guy this past fall as well. Such a fun theme!! Your "skyline" is amazing and the bubble wrap on the floor is so creative! I bet the kiddos loved that!


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