Friday, April 6, 2012

4th Annual Luke McAnally Birthday Pancake Breakfast

On Sunday, April 1st my parents joined us for what we've jokingly dubbed the 4th Annual Luke McAnally Birthday Pancake Breakfast :) I had his presents out, the balloons blown up, but the Birthday Boywas still SOUND ASLEEP (after 8:15, might I add)

We all went in to his room and woke him up with our wonderfully sung (hahaha - yeah right!) Happy Birthday To You :)

(I feel like I need to explain why there is a giant gap in his blinds and why he has sheets tied to his bed... the blinds are the ones that he decided it would be fun to "peek through" the last couple of summers and he ended up snapping off quite a few sections - we believe he's out of that phase now and his blinds are being replaced and the sheets are tied to his bed because we made a "bed tent" a few nights earlier where we had sheets going from the bed to his dresser and what not to make a "tent")
Once we reminded Luke that there were pancakes and presents waiting he was up and at 'em!


After breakfast it was nap time for Mason and then an attempt at some bluebonnet pictures (more on that later) and then a quick stop at Sonic to pick up the Birthday Boys request for lunch - hot dog and TOTS!

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