Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Planting

These pictures are actually from the week before Spring Break - I was at WalMart picking up a few things and came across these $0.99 planting kits and so I picked up two - sunflowers and parsley. Luke helped me take the "growing medium pellet", add water and get the dirt ready. He was AMAZED that the little pellet turned into ALL THIS DIRT! :)
After the dirt was ready, we put it in the two pots, planted the seeds and covered them up with the remaining dirt.
About 10 days later this is what our sunflowers looked like (we had so much dirt that we were able to plant a second cup of sunflowers!)
... And here's our parsley! In the garden under the kitchen window he and I also planted garlic and onions - and this PERFECT weather has been helping them grow like CRAZY!

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