Sunday, February 12, 2012

Shark Attack

There was a shark swimming around our house today and it looked like this... While helping mommy clean up his room, Luke MAY have found a shark costume that one of mommy's co-workers gave her a while back (her little guy had outgrown it)

After immediately donning the costume, he proceeded to announce himself "Shark Sheriff" (he's been Sheriff from the Cars movie for the last week or so), hopped on his tricycle, grabbed his flashlight and off he went. :)
He zoomed around the house like only a shark could (and yes, those are my front porch ferns inside - they've lasted this far, I wasn't about to let last night's temperatures do them in this close to Spring)
The shark took a quick break for a hug...
... and a kiss from his brother :)

He ate lunch in his shark costume, watched Finding Nemo in his shark costume and went to Gibi and Haha's house in full shark attire.

As I'm typing this he's in his PJs, in bed with his shark jacket on over top.
I have a feeling that we may be in for "Shark Week" here at our house, as the novelty of this outfit doesn't seem to be wearing off... P.S. - Is it just me or is his dimple getting even bigger (and cuter!)

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