Monday, February 13, 2012

Picadilly Circus

I came across a deal on Groupon a couple of weeks ago for tickets to the Picadilly Circus that was goint to be in Denton. I thought it would be a fun afternoon for Dave, Luke and I and so last Sunday (February 5th) we arrived at the Diamond T arena to this... It wasn't QUITE what we were expecting (the VIP section of folding chairs kind of say it all am I right?), but Luke was completely enthralled!

We saw motorcycles in the "sphere of death" (becauase THAT was age appropriate - hahaha), crazy roller skaters, a contortionist who shot a bow and arrow with her feet, a clown car that had a taste for alchohol as well as a whole bunch of performing sheep dogs...
After an intermission (where you could have your child's picture taken with a lemur, inside the sphere of death or with a llama), they brought out the big acts... the elephants! It was fairly impressive, but I was more than a little disturbed by the fact that the only thing seperating the VIP section from these HUGE animals was a 6" wall. hahaha

Luke LOVED him some elephants!

The circus lasted almost two hours and Luke fell asleep in the car while jabbering on and on about the "clown car that shot fire". hahaha

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