Monday, January 9, 2012

Picnic and Practice Laps

The week in between Christmas and New Years, while I was still on break, I decided to take the boys up to "the circle" at MCA for a picnic and some practice laps. Luke LOVES to ride his bike and I figured that this giant, paved, traffic-free circle would be the perfect place for some riding. That little speck is Luke on "Big Blue" (my classroom windows are the two on the far right of the building straight ahead in the picture... so excited for next year because Pre-K often colors with chalk on the circle right outside my window)
Here he comes after his first "practice lap"

After riding around the circle twice he ran all the way around.... on his way over to the blanket he BIT IT - thank goodness it was in the grass! I thought that he would ride the whole time we were there, but I hadn't anticipated there being some dirt piles :)

He spent the majority of his time digging with his hands, burying his cars and then digging them out again. Mason spent the majority of his time eating grass. :)

Seriously, every time I turned around this crazy kid was making a beeline off of the blanket...

Mason let the breeze blow through his hair :)

And then went back to finding some good grass to gnaw on. Luke opted not to eat grass, so it was time for our picnic!

When did my boys get so big?!?!?!

(If you hadn't already thought I was mom of the year for letting Mason eat some grass while I snapped his picture, the fact that I forgot his socks should seal the deal for me, right?!?!)
I have always dreamt of ruffles and bows and patterned tights, but I think that little track pants and hoodies are ALMOST as cute :)

Mason finished his snacks and went back for a little more grass :)

After lunch (hence the DIRTY face), it was time for a few more practice laps:

While Luke was riding Mason had a couple of jars of baby food (since then he's pretty much entirely on table food - no more jars for this guy!)
My two crazies :)

We went and checked on a few things in my classroom and then packed it up to head home. Luke told me that he was going to "ride all the way up this huge hill". I said, "good luck with that" :)

He made it about 3 feet up the hill before he decided that he'd rather ride on the sidewalk. hahaha

The fresh air did everybody good, especially Mason who was OUT about 1.5 seconds after I put him in his car seat.

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  1. Two things. First, Luke ALWAYS looks like he is having a blast. Second, that Mason sure is a cutie!


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