Monday, December 19, 2011

Meet Buddy

We totally jumped on the Elf on the Shelf bandwagon this year and are LOVING it! We've been having the best time coming up with fun things for Buddy to do at night. For example... Buddy decorated the Christmas tree on our front buffet table with Luke's underwear! :)

Buddy got into the sugar container and made "snow angels" on the counter: Buddy drew a picture for Luke (this happened on a night where mommy fell asleep early and so Daddy took over Buddy duties...hehehe)

I think Luke's favorite so far was on a Saturday morning when he woke up and the TV in the living room was on. Buddy was sitting on the remote control, with cartoons already playing, just waiting for Luke :)

Buddy snuck into the basket of Christmas books and we caught him reading in the big kitchen chair...

Buddy even got into a snowball/marshmallow fight with Buzz and Woody:

LOVE LOVE LOVE Luke's face in the next picture:

Buddy built an awesome lego house:

... got caught overindulging in Hershey's kisses...

... and was found climbing in the gold branches.

Buddy put crepe paper streamers across Luke's bedroom door so that he'd have to "bust out" of his room..

Buddy played a game of chutes and ladders with the elves we got from the country club when we saw Santa (when Luke woke up and saw this he goes, "why are there 4 game pieces out and only 3 elves???" Observant little stinker!)Buddy helped himself to some cereal...

And buddy lined up a bunch of Luke's "cars cars":

Buddy has a few more tricks up his sleeve and then a big surprise ready for Christmas morning. :)


  1. Here's the thing...our elf is named Buddy too. However, our elf isn't nearly as creative as your elf. I really hope my kids don't read this blog post :). They'll be very disappointed!

  2. Ok. So at first I thought that thing was creepy. But, after seeing this, its just hilarious! Good job!!!

  3. This is awesome! I can't wait for our 'Buddy' to make his way to the Massey house!


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