Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mason's Gift

I mentioned in my Luke and Mommy Day post earlier that Luke picked out a special ornament to give to Mason. Yesterday when I was wrapping a few last minute things my intention was to let Luke pick out one of my coordinating papers (I know, Type A much???) and have him "help" me by passing me tape (hahaha). Well - he decided he wanted to wrap Mason's present with his own wrapping paper and here's what he came up with...
He went to the craft closet, picked out the stickers and selected the stickers to spell out Mason's name. He colored with his "favorite colors" and then stuck the bow on the side so it "wouldn't cover up his art"

Not quite what I had planned, considering that all my gifts this year are ivory, red and gold (sparkly), but I don't think it could look more PERFECT!

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