Friday, December 16, 2011

House call

Santa made a house call to our place this past Sunday night. We had some friends come over to share in the fun, cupcakes, a Flinstone Christmas and apparently a chair... The kids all enjoyed some cupcakes and juice when the big guy himself rang the doorbell...

The Shull kiddos...
Smith :) The closest the Slaughter kids would get to Santa...

How cute is Xander?!?!?!

My crazy boys (Luke had already opened up the candy cane Santa gave him) :)

EEEK! Love how Luke and Santa are looking at each other (even if the pic is a little blurry)

After candy canes and pictures Santa read the kids "The Night Before Christmas" PRECIOUS!

OMG! The next picture absolutely MADE MY DAY! Could it be any more precious!?!?!

Hugs for Santa Clause:

High-fives from Ebby Lee:

Attempt at a group photo (apparently I need to get Luke some red and white striped PJs)

Thanks so much Shull, Slaughter and Reyes families for coming over last minute to see Santa!

P.S. - Santa is a Senior at MCA - He had his Santa costume on at school on Friday and when I saw him I told him how fun it would be if he'd come and read a bedtime story to Luke. Being that he's a 17-year old boy I didn't expect him to oblige, but he was super excited to make a house call! He did a FANTASTIC job and created a fabulous memory for our kiddos! Thanks, Trent! :)


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