Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Parade

The Christmas Parade in Downtown McKinney was rained out two weekends ago, but we were so excited that they decided to reschedule for this past Saturday night rather than just cancel. We sat right across the street from the "magic snow" machine which was super fun and Christmasy. Mason didn't mind having a hat on, but he kept looking back and forth and the hat kept creeping up on his head :)
Snow!!! :)
McKinney has grown a lot, but events like this are still pretty "small town" and a lot of fun (excuse the background - we were sitting in front of a store undergoing renovation - hahaha)

Luke got a flag from one of the floats, and in between he would move forward and wave it and yell "go" like he was starting a race :)

This year's parade theme was "Star Spangled Christmas"

EEEEK! Unless one of my boys is willing to dress up in one of these super sweet outfits (hahaha) I don't think we can NOT have a sister at our house:

Mary and Joseph ride in the scoop of a tractor - classy :)

Random horse - which particularly cracked me up since it followed the float where everyone was holding up an iPad...

Every good float that came by seemed to be done by a girl scout troop (and the boy scouts were all just walking) and my dad was joking about what over-achievers those girl scouts are (I was a girl scout for the record). Then this float appeared....

A giant snow globe with a full size Christmas tree inside! And yes, it was done by a girl scout troop :)

The parade started at 6:30 and we got there around 6:00, so Luke got to eat his dinner while watching...

This was one of the most unique - a new music school is opening up, so they had a live rock band performing on their float to promote it. How cool is that?!?!?!
Another girl scout troop:

Me and my jelly-covered boy :)

Mason hanging out:

Dave was working, so much thanks to Gibi and Haha for coming with us!

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  1. I have been trying to find info on a giant snow globe. Our small town has a Christmas Parade each year and I would love to tackle a snow globe like the one made by your girl scout troop for our 2018 parade. Would anyone be willing to share how it was made


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