Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve

The Christmas anticipation was at an all time high on Christmas Eve and so when the mailman rang the doorbell and delivered a package I thought that Luke might actually EXPLODE with excitement.

The package was from Auntie Judy and Poppa in Canada and had a present for Luke and Mason!

CARS!!! Luke couldn't have been more thrilled! Thank you Poppa and Auntie Judy!!!

After a brief rest time, and baths for the boys we headed to Dave's Granny's house. Dave's dads side of the family gets together there every Christmas Eve. Here are Luke and Lilly at dinner...

Luke was WAY more interested in looking at all the cool stuff Granny has around than looking at the camera...

Levi was there too!

Luke and Granny:

After dinner we met my parents and Mark and Diana at church...

Luke was fantastic during Church and was MESMERIZED by the candle :)

After church we went to Gibi and Hahas house to eat cake and open presents for Uncle Mark's birthday (which was the 23rd) and after that we came home to get in our jammies and put out cookies for Santa (and apples for his reindeer)

After carefully picking out the best cookies and apples, it was time to read the last advent book and hang it on our wreath!

Luke was asleep in about 1.5 minutes after we tucked him in. SO SWEET!

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