Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bad Blogger

Between school stuff, holiday festivities/activities and Slightly Askew business - time has been absolutely flying by and I realize that I've been a bad, bad blogger :) I have lots of catching up to do and am going to try to stay current as well - so be prepared foa a mismash of lots of posts coming up. The week of Thanksgiving Oma (my mom's mom) and Anneka (Oma's sister) came to visit. It was their first time to meet Mason and I think Oma MAY have been smitten:
... And Mason may have been smitten as well :)

But not as smitten as Mason is with Whipped Cream. I know you can't tell from his expression in this picture, but homeboy LOVES HIM SOME WHIPPED CREAM!
Luke and Anneka checking out her sweet socks :) On the night that I took the pictures above, I came in to check on him after he had been asleep for a while and found this...

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