Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Halloween Party: Outside Decor

Scare on the Square has always been one of my favorite parts of Halloween because I get to catch up with a bunch of my girlfriends and get pictures of all of our cute kiddos in their costumes. BUT - it's gotten super crowded over the years and it's started to kind of stress me out so this year I decided to invite some (11 I think) of my sweet girlfriends AND their hubbies AND our combined 21 (I think) kiddos over to our house for a party... because that's not stressful at all :)

Actually - I had THE BEST TIME planning and getting ready for this party. I have lots of really fond memories of Halloweens growing up and hope to create some of those same fun memories for my kids as well. Our little Bible Study started WAY back when and has since grown into a super-close accountability group. I'm not sure if there's technically as much Bible study going on as there is "fellowship", but I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can talk about pretty much ANYTHING with these awesome girlies and that they keep me accountable (and sometimes sane). hehehe

I have an overwhelming number of pictures, and so Sheaffer won't start referring to me as Ashley's Avenue I've decided to do several smaller posts rather than one larger :) So here it goes!

The glitter "boo" letters were a last minute idea that cost about $2... cheap wooden letters from Hobby Lobby, black paint, black glitter and mod podge that I had and 2 dowel rods (and the $2 made two sets). It's a good thing that they were cheap because I left them outside and I'm pretty sure today's rain did them in :)

Bonus points if you can spot Luke :)

I'm pretty sure the real reason I wanted to have this party was simply to have an excuse to hang about 30 mason jars with tealights in them from my trees. SO FUN! The left side of our yard all lit up (we had a spotlight on this area and another on the play area as well)

Yes we had hay - 12 bales, actually. MCA is doing "Stories Under The Stars" this coming week and thankfully they're going to take the hay off of our hands for us!

Luke asked for spider webs in the play house - I obliged :)


  1. Listen - you are not Ashley's Avenue until you take 6 different pictures of the pizza. KEEP POSTING pics! I still haven't done my post about your AWESOME party yet, so you might have some pics that I need to steal! :)

  2. Not that I'm surprised, but everything is GORGEOUS. I LOVE your house and your yards!


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