Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Labor Day

On Labor Day it was GORGEOUS outside and so Luke and I headed out back to get some work done while Mason napped. Luke's work included sliding... ... and hitching chick hicks to a random bungee cord and "towing" him through the sandbox.
This picture cracks me up for several reasons...

1) The camo sweats he has on are his FAVORITES! They're GAP size 18-24 months and although they're super short, still fall off of his tiny hiney

2) The hole in the knee is like the knees of almost every pair of pants he owns. He is ALWAYS on the ground playing and he wears the knees out of his pants within a few wears.

3) The face he's making is his "excited" face. He was telling me how excited he was to get to play in the backyard :)

4) He's barefoot. If we let him, he would never wear shoes. He runs through the mulch without his shoes! On this particular day he had buried them in the sandbox so he "couldn't wear them!"
Here he's telling me a big story about finding a bug or something:

Running back to the sandbox, barefoot and saggy pants:

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