Friday, September 16, 2011


Last night we bundled up (it was a whole 68 degrees!) and headed out to MCA's Tailgate Party.

Mason and Chloe

(Chloe's Kindergarten picture hung on my parents fridge - my mom was the lower school receptionist when Chloe was in Pre-K and K - FOREVER and now Chloe is a SENIOR!!!)
Luke-man was super excited about having his very own lawn chair...
Sitting on my MCA t-shirt quilt (which I just realized that I finished up about this time last year and never blogged about - boo! I'll have to take a picture ASAP)
Luke is VERY social and so when Lily asked him to come sit with her he didn't even hesitate (he also ran right up to a "stranger" (I knew who he was, but Luke didn't) hopped up into his lap and sat with the guy). Luke ran around like a crazy person, rolling in the dirt/grass and having the BEST time ever. Mason was super smiley, got passed around a lot and ended the night on the blanket with a bottle.

The weather was perfect and the party, as always, was a blast. We saw skits, watched the cheerleaders perform and saw the students present their spirit banners. Tonight - the game!

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