Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Odds Were Against Us

Typically I don't wish I had taken more pictures. I'm pretty good about snapping A LOT of pictures and hopefully having a good one somewhere in the bunch. We had Mason dedicated on September 18th and the odds of getting a good family picture of the event was slim to none because WE ONLY TOOK ONE PICTURE!!! The morning was kind of hectic and at the last minute we stood together (kind of) and my mom took one picture. So here it is in all it's glory... ... neither of the boys are looking, Dave's eyes aren't fully opened and I'm a nice shade of red from chasing Luke up and down the balcony stairs. Awesome. After church Luke was in the children's building and we were parked out front and so another family photo op alluded us so I guess we'll have to remember the moment from the above pic. :)

Here we are up on the stage with the other families - before Luke's meltdown began:
Luke started squirming and muttering "I don't want to be up here" (despite the fact we had talked through this moment, rehearsed it AND given him the choice of whether or not he wanted to come up with us) and so Dave picked him up and tried to quietly point out our family sitting in the balcony. The result was a lot of pointing and asking "WHERE IS MY UNCLE MARK???" in a loud whisper: Thankfully the dedication went quickly and we were able to get off the stage without too much commotion.

Here's a super cute pic of Mason with Uncle Jonathan, Auntie Tori and Lilly after the service. You would have thought that I could have taken a few more pictures of this special occasion, but somehow I didn't. I manage to snap 65 picture of my boys eating rice cereal or playing in the dirt, but took a total of 5 pictures of my babies dedication. Oh well!

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