Friday, September 2, 2011

Mustang Football

MCA's first home football game of the season last night and so I packed up my boys (and my help for the evening - Haha) and we headed out to the game. Luke ate dinner before we left, but it seems that like me, the highlight of any sporting event for him is the food - he ate two GIANT iced cookies (thanks, Haha!), a bag of cheetohs and some M&Ms that he got from one of my students - AND he kept saying that he was still hungry! :)

Luke was much more content to stay in "our area" than he was last year and he was super cute when he met a lot of my students, parents and other faculty.

Mason was all smiles until the crowd started cheering and then he got startled and cried a bit (but he recovered quickly).
Mason got passed around a lot and ooohed and awwwwed over :) This is my new favorite picture - me and my guys :)

(wish I'd noticed that Luke's hat is all crooked, but oh well) On our way out we ran into a bunch of my junior high kiddos (because when you're in JH you don't go to the game to watch the game, you go to hang out in the parking lot, right?!?!!?) Better than all the food, football, cheering, etc - I think that the highlight of Luke's evening was the pile of gravel that he found on our way out. He would have sat in the dusty, dirty pile all night if we'd let him. The funniest part was that one of my 8th grade students saw him and commented that he wished he had a car with him because he wanted to get in the dirt with Luke :) I guess they don't change THAT much even when they're 14.

We're looking forward to MANY more mustang football games this season - hopefully with MUCH cooler weather :)

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