Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Luke's Heart

Before I forget, I want to blog about what Luke said this afternoon.

I picked him and Mason up from Lisa's house and when we got home my mom was waiting for us so she could visit with the boys for a bit. We were sitting at the kitchen table and Luke was working on a new puzzle that Gibi brought him. Luke was doing the puzzle when he says, "Mommy, do you know what my heart is telling me?" I was expecting him to say that it was telling him that he loved his mommy, or his Gibi, or his new puzzle :), but instead he informed us that his heart was telling him that he really needed some Dr. Pepper cake. :) Cracks me up!

Other funny things he's said lately include....

Me: "Luke, will you please go get your pajamas and bring them to me?"

Luke: "Mommy, actually I'm probably pretty too busy playing with my trains to do that right now."

Me: "Luke, tell me about what you learned about in Sunday school"

Luke: "Moses led the people on a really really long walk. Then God left them meat every night and bread every morning."

Me: "Do you remember what the bread was called?"

Luke: silence

Me: "Mmmmmm"


Me: "Close, sweetheart. But it's manna. Not mayonnaise"

"Mommy! I tooted. That means poop is on the way"

When we were going to WalMart he asked if we could get a Hot Wheels car. I told him no, because they weren't on the list. He then asked me if he could please see the list so he could add Hot Wheels cars to it. :)

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