Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fun on the Fourth

On Sunday night we went up to the country club to watch the fireworks that were happening over at Adriatica. I tried to get some pictures of all of us, but it was PITCH BLACK and when the flash went off everyone either squinted or looked really surprised.

Exhibit A: Exhibit B:

We sat out on the golf course and had a great view of the fireworks across the lake.

Luke was into them for about a minute and a half - then the novelty wore off and he was more interested in "why are those girls running around", "why that man on a golf cart", etc., etc. :)

Monday morning Dave was at work and Luke, Mason and I were having a low-key morning in our PJs when Haha called and reminded me that there was a parade going on on the square. I quickly got the boys back in their red, white and blue threw on a dress and sunglasses and we were out the door (but of course, I had to snap a few pictures of my guys before we left)...

We got to the square right as the parade was starting...

There were LOTS of motorcycles (Dad, I'm just calling it lots - although I would say there were close to 100. hahaha)

And a lot of old cars and trucks (which Luke LOVED)

It was about 5,000 degrees out that morning so we decided to move mid-parade and seek out a shady spot...
We ended up under the awning of Local Yocal (a farm to market grocery store) and they just happened to have a cool vintage tractor...
Luke was in HEAVEN!

After the parade we headed home, stripped down (seriously, the boys were soooooo sweaty!), ate lunch and took naps. After naptime Haha, Gibi, Uncle Mark and Diana came over. We got dinner (shish cabobs among other things) ready...

and had a fantastic dinner. After dinner Uncle Mark turned Luke-Man into a superhero using a chip clip and a dish towel:
It was a low-key, fantastic fourth!

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