Friday, July 8, 2011

Dallas World Aquarium

Dave was off all of last week - and on Tuesday we took the boys to Dallas World Aquarium. The name is kind of deceiving as it's not really just an aquarium. It's in a converted warehouse in West End Dallas and houses a tropical rainforest... so cool! We decided to become members (it's air conditioned and closer than the Ft. Worth Zoo where we joined last year) so y'all can anticipate lots of pics from there in the coming months. :) Checking out the waterfall...

Luke and Daddy:

We got there right when it opened and Mason went in his PJs :)

They were looking at the anaconda - gross...

We were looking at the different sized rays - and Luke was telling me which ones were the different members of our family :)

Me and my sweet sweet boy How most pictures of us look :) hahaha

We stopped in the big "Classroom" area where they do presentations for schools and stuff so that I could nurse Mason and while we were sitting there Luke asked what the room was used for (of course, child of 1,000,000 questions). Dave told him that it was a classroom and was used for presentations and so Luke gave Dave, Mason and I a presentation about his Cars Cars (if I've never explained this before, Hot Wheels cars are just called Cars... cars from the Cars movie are called Cars Cars)

(p.s. - looking at Luke in this picture gives me no doubt that he's going to be built JUST like his daddy)

Mason was fed, changed and awake for about 45 minutes during the aquarium part...

Luke and Daddy checking out the "flashlight fish" - cracks me up how already Luke has a lot of Dave's mannerisms :)

Luke got the BIGGEST kick out of the "Nemo fish". This particular fish kept him entertained for a good 5 minutes popping in and out of the anenome...

I guess the glass was super clean, because Luke repeatedly tried to touch and/or grab the animals inside. PLUS he wouldn't go near the aquarium housing the GIANT crab because he didn't want it to pinch him :)

The outdoor penguin exhibit...

(the pengiun below looks like he's waving)

My favorite part - the shark tunnel...

We happened to be there during the two times of the week that divers are in the tank cleaning the glass

Me and my crazy boy :)

Of course he'd want to drive his cars along the shark tank. hahaha

Mason was zonked by the time we were in the shark tunnel...

After the aquarium we walkd over to Chipotle and met Uncle Mark for lunch. He just started working for Corgan and his office is in the West End. In case you've been wondering, Luke looks like he has the chicken pox, but in fact was just COVERED in bug bites after a day of playing outside on Monday. We joke that he drinks so much Crystal Light Peach tea that the mosquitos can't resist him. :)

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  1. What a super fun time you guys had! It makes me want to go see the fish myself ASAP. And that Mason in his pjs...soooooo cute!


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