Sunday, June 12, 2011

Small Group - Pool Edition

April was my month to host Small Group and honestly, I dropped the ball. Maybe it had to do with having a baby or something. hahaha. Anyway, Shay and I were at the pool on Monday (surprise! surprise!) and I mentioned that I had nothing planned for small group dinner the next night and that we should just all go to the pool. She said that they were "totally in" and so after conferring with Rachel and Leslie we decided to meet at the pool instead of my house. The kids (and Andrew - hahaha) played, we ordered food (that I didn't have to cook! YAY!) and got to enjoy some fun family time together...
Smith enjoying a cookie, but not quite so sure about having his pic taken :)
After dinner everyone got in the "big pool"
Jaxson and Luke having a great time (ya think?!?!? just take a look at J's face - hehehe) playing in the shower.
Rachel, Shay and Leslie - I vote that we meet here for July and August's small group as well - let me know if y'all are in! :)

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  1. I am responsible for August's small group and we are TOTALLY doing it at the club! We had so much fun! Thank you!


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