Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sally Jesse Raphael

Last Saturday night Gibi, Uncle Mark, Diana, Mason, Sally Jesse Raphael and I all went to the pool :) Diana brought some SA-WEET sunglasses that were her mom's in the '80s (mirrored lenses and all) and Luke took to them right away...

Diana also brought a float and Luke was a little hesitant at first (as evidenced by the DEATH GRIP he has on Diana in the pic below): After a while he relaxed, realized he wasn't going to fall off, and started to enjoy being pushed around the pool squirting his water gun...

We didn't register for swim lessons this summer because I was 9 months pregnant during registration and honestly, didn't want to think about it... but we're working on practicing our skills from last summer:

I may still try to register him for a later summer session, but we'll see how motivated I am to be somewhere (on time) 5 days in a row. hahaha

Luke and Uncle Mark (and a pool noodle... hehehe):

Proof that Mason was there too:

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