Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

For the past week or so I've been jotting things down on my "to-blog" list and haven't gotten around to it, so I'm going to just get it all down now before I forget :)

1) Several people have asked about my swelling/blood pressure situation - the swelling is 100% gone (good riddance!), but my blood pressure is still acting up. Right after delivering Luke it got really high, so before I left the hospital they put me on blood pressure medication and told me to come into the office on Monday to get my pressure checked again. I headed in on Monday and it was higher than before so they upped my dosage and scheduled me for another appointment the following Monday. At that next appointment my BP was still pretty high (155/115 or so) and after spending about an hour in the office and having it checked several times they sent me home and told me that if it wasn't down by Wednesday I would have to be hospitalized so they could put me on some IV medication and get it under control. Mason was only about 10 days old and my hormones were still CA-RAZY so I had a good pity party/cry fest that day (this was also the same day that Luke came down with an ear infection - awesome). I went back on Wednesday and it had dropped (120/90) so thankfully I didn't have to be hospitalized, but I'm still on the medication. Hopefully I'll be able to start "weaning off" of it after my 6-week check-up.

2) Cadence - yes, Cadence, our trusty yellow lab, has gone to live on a farm (no really, she's living on a farm - we're not just saying that). That's really another post in itself, so I'll have to do that later (complete with pictures of the sweet girl, of course).

3) On Mason's two-week birthday he rolled over from front to back! Am I in for an early walker?!?!?!

4) Mason is the easiest baby ever! He really doesn't ever "fuss" (knock on wood) and he's a great sleeper. He's super easy going and is already falling into a bit of a schedule. He gets up once during the night to eat and is an absolute JOY!

5) Luke had his 3-year check-up and Mason had his 2-week check-up last Monday and they are both growing like little weeds! Mason was 6 lb 9 oz when he was born, went down to 6 lb 3 oz on the day of his 3 day weight check and was up to 7 lb 4 oz (12th percentile) on his two week check! He's a much faster eater than Luke was at this age and I was concerned he wasn't getting enough, but apparently he's getting plenty as the goal for his 2-week check was just to be back up to his birth weight and he beat that by 11 oz! Luke weighed in at 29 lbs (23 percentile) and was 37.5" tall (44%). He recited his ABCs for the doctor and received a 100% clean bill of health.

These each should have been posts individually, but time hasn't been on my side the last three weeks (hehehe) and so this will have to suffice for now.

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