Thursday, May 26, 2011


Luke has really taken to calling things awesome... "I very like this AWESOME car, Mommy!", "May I please have one of those AWESOME cookies?". So when I saw this shirt I knew that he had to have it (plus, as Luke pointed out, it's blue just like his eyes) hehehe As you can see, my squirrely three-year-old REFUSES to look at the camera... can't wait until he'll look at me, smile and I won't have to say things like "get your finger out of your nose" when I get my camera out :)

I thought that maybe if I stood with him and we had our picture taken together that I could get him to look and smile - WRONG!

Smile... but not looking at Daddy...

We eventually gave up and came inside at which point he decided it would be a good idea to sit in his big tub of macaroni noodles and play - AWESOME!

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