Friday, April 22, 2011

Sunday, April 17th

On Sunday we spent the morning/early afternoon getting discharged from the hospital. Mason was circumcised on Saturday night so they didn't have to do that, but he did have to get seen by the pediatrician again and have his newborn hearing screening. I had to have a round of blood pressure medication and be seen by my doctor and there was just a lot of waiting around. :)

Finally, around 3:00 we got everything in order and were able to head out:

When we got home Luke was anxious to see his baby brother...
and show him the special hot wheels car he had picked out just for him!

One of the sweetest things was that Mason was crying and Luke asked what was wrong... I told him that Mason was hungry and so Luke ran to the fridge and got a gallon jug of milk and a sippy cup so that Mason could eat. :) I explained to him how Mason would be drinking Mommy's milk to which Luke responded that he wanted to try some - I told him that it was just for babies who didn't have teeth and he seemed satisfied with that answer :) HALLELUJAH!
He also kept saying that he wanted to see "the hole that Mason came out of" (referring to the hole in my belly button that he thought Mason was going to come out of). TOO FUNNY!

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