Monday, April 25, 2011

Mulch, Mulch and More Mulch

I've been posting a little bit about our ongoing yard projects - and next on our list was remulching all of our garden areas (which is A LOT!!!). Since Dave had taken the week off we decided to have 5 yards of mulch delivered on Thursday. Luke thought that the truck was pretty much the coolest thing EVER!

Until it left and he realized that there was a GIANT pile of mulch in our driveway :)

This boy was in HEAVEN!

While Luke was hanging out in the mulch pile, Mason was relaxing in his swing...

Friday morning Eric (Manda's brother - he lives next door) came over to help get the mulch moved and spread. Luke was ENAMORED with "Awic" and refused to help his daddy because he was too busy helping Eric. :) Dave and Eric scooped, hauled and spread most of the morning with the help of this little guy...

There were dozens of cars, trucks, bottles of bubbles and shovels in the mulch pile by the time the day was done:

At lunchtime we had to strip Luke down on the front porch and carry him straight to the tub... he was NOT happy that he had to come inside:

While the big boys were spreading mulch, I had Mason out back with me (he was soaking up some sun to get rid of some of his jaundice and I was planting some new perennials)

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