Sunday, April 10, 2011

Luke's 3rd Birthday Party - Blown Away!

When I started planning Luke's third birthday party, I asked him what kind of party he wanted and he immediatley and adamantly said a playground party. I knew that I'd be 37 weeks pregnant and wouldn't necessarily feel up to anything elaborate so this was perfect. Everything was going along as planned until we saw the weather report for the day and saw that it was going to be, literally, the windiest day of the year . There were steady 20+ mph winds with wind gusts of 40+ mph - the weather channel said to tie down patio furniture and other small items outside. hahaha

As you can see from the extremely attractive picture below (hahaha), we couldn't put any of the decorations out because they were being blown away (as was the table itself, all the napkins and plates, chairs, etc., etc.) My plan for our 30+ balloons was to tie them all along the fence around the playground, but that plan went awry when in the process of getting them in and out of the car we lost more than 10 of them and the ones that were left became tangled into one big bunch. The balloons were horizontal the entire party... Ebby Lee, Luke and Lilly

The cupcakes were made to match the napkins (that never made it out of the package, but that you can kind of see)...

Thanks, Diana! for attempting to make the cupcakes look cute... even though they lasted in the cupcake stand for about 4 seconds :)

Opening gifts was a challenge, as all the tissue paper kept blowing away...

The icing on the cupcakes was seriously, the reddest icing I have ever seen in my entire life. I'm pretty sure it's the reddest that Shay had seen as well :) (SORRY, SHAY!!!)


the next picture cracks me up, becuase it looks like the boys are negotiating over the tractors :)

Gibi and Rawston:

At the end of the party we decided to let the remaining kiddos let the balloons go... it was THE BEST part of th eentire party :)

Sarah said that Molly loves to hug and so does Luke...
.... I'm not sure if Molly really knew what she was in for :)
After the birthday we headed back to our house and Diana gave Luke the coolest Pirate water table... while Uncle Mark was putting it together, Luke decided to dress up like a pirate and this is what he came up with :)
It was crazy windy and not quite as planned, but overall the party was a blast. :)

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  1. The good news is that the icing came out! We don't ever let ANYTHING stand in the way of us and some yummy icing :)!


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