Friday, March 11, 2011

Froot Loops, Cankles and Nesting... oh my!

I'm currently 33 and a half weeks and have begun seriously counting down until Mason's arrival. I feel like I can do days now and now be completely overwhelmed, so including today the current countdown is 39 days.
At my appt on Monday my doctor was "concerned" about Mason's size due to my belly measurement being small (seriously lady, have you not seen my belly?!?!?!) and so I went for an ultrasound Wednesday afternoon. It turns out that Mr. Man was just all comfy cozy and scrunched and after all their measuring, they estimate that he's currently about 4.5 lbs... which is only a few days behind his date.
The picture below is from our ultrasound on Wednesday... if you're bad at "seeing" the baby in ultrasound photos, you can see one of his eyes and his nose and his little arm is right up by his mouth: The general consensus that we've heard is that he looks a lot like Luke... but I think we're a little biased :) hahahaha
In other news - my ankles are swelling like CA-RAZY! Even on days where I try to stay off of my feet as much as possible (hard when you're a math teacher and mom of a toddler), my ankle bones are gone by 2:00 in the afternoon. I've had to start wearing my engagement ring on my necklace and it's pretty much miserable. Good thing that I got to hold sweet baby Maggie on Tuesday night and be reminded that at the end of all of this I'll have a sweet baby boy to snuggle with :) AND.... PRAISE JESUS that I'm not pregnant in the summer!
Froot Loops are my latest craving and I just can't get enough. I could eat them for each and every meal and be perfectly happy (well, maybe if there were some baked white cheddar cheetohs thrown in there for snacks).
I am nesting like a mad woman - my house, my classroom, my car - I'm having CRAZY person urges to vacuum, wipe, sanitize and organize each and every nook and cranny.

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  1. Can you come to NC and put your "crazy" cleaning urges to use on a house that REALLY could benefit from them? ;)


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