Thursday, March 17, 2011

Date with Haha

On Tuesday we headed down to the Square to meet Haha at his office and grab some lunch. We decided on Sauce on the Square and were glad we did since Luke ended up eating about as much (if not more) as Haha and I each did :) That boy loves him some pizza and pasta! While we were waiting for our check Haha and Luke decided to do some coloring... I've lamented before about Luke's lack of photo-taking skills and here's just another example:
Since we hadn't had our fill with all of the pizza aned pasta we rounded off our afternoon of Italian fare with some gelato (which, by the way, I have thought about approximately 54,000 times since Tuesday).
Luke decided that double-fisting it was the only good way to enjoy his gelato.
"Thanks for the gelato, Haha! Now kiss my chocolate-covered, sticky mess of a face!"

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