Monday, March 21, 2011

35 Weeks - Mason's Nursery

I went for my 35-week checkup yesterday and everything is on track for Mason to make his arrival on April 18th. I'm 1 cm dilated and the results of the ultrasound from 2 weeks ago show him being in about the 25th percentile for his size at the moment. I'll be interested to see how accurate that is when he's born.
He's moving a TON right now which we are seriously enjoying - it's so fun to watch him move at night and since he's taking up more and more space he's "jutting out" more and his movements are becoming much more visible.
I'm still swelling pretty bad and am starting to have trouble sleeping - so I'm hoping that these next four weeks FLY by! :) hahahaha
In other news, Mason's nursery is almost complete (I need to do some kind of window treatment and then refinish and hang his mirror above the changing table). Here's the view standing in the door looking in (without a flash)... ... and here it is with a flash (the paint is not really this bright)
The art in the frame below (and above the armoire) was done by artist and big brother, Luke. The one in the picture below is "Luke and Mason and Mack the truck from Cars" :)
Pretend that the mirror has a fresh coat of paint, that it's up on the wall and that it has some cute little things hanging from the hooks :)
Spring Break Project: Organize Mason's Closet - CHECK!


  1. Cute, cute! Thanks for sharing. And I'm totally jealous of that babyGap diaper bag I see hanging in his closet. Olivia was a little over a year old when I first saw it, which unfortunately was too old to "invest" in such an awesome diaper bag. I tried to convince myself it really did look like a purse...

  2. It looks sooooooo good!!! And the closet is very impressive too! My favorite part are the pics that Luke made for his room. Precious!

  3. Andrea...Mason's room is absolutely adorable!!! Of course I expected nothing less! :) Can't wait to come see it!!


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