Sunday, February 6, 2011

Future Mustang

Two weeks ago (I still can't believe I lost a WHOLE WEEK! with this crazy weather), several parents threw a baby shower for me as well as another girl who works with me (who actually had her baby girl this past Wednesday). It was after school in the library and was attended by LOTS of our Junior High and High School students. The best part was getting to see how excited some of the students were about the gifts that they had picked out.
One of my 7th grade boys and his Freshman sister gave me this adorable little onesie for Mason to wear "when we come watch all their games". :) Another one of my sweet girls gave me these peace socks because she thought "they look like what you'd wear if you were a baby boy". hehehe
There was a TON of food and cupcakes and they gave each of the moms-to-be an individual cake to take home and enjoy after the shower.
Unfortunately, I totally forgot to bring my camera that day, so I'm hoping that one of the moms took pictures and will get them to me at some point. It was so sweet and thoughtful of my parents, teachers and co-workers and was a really fun afternoon.

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