Sunday, January 2, 2011

Little Scientist

On Thursday we met up with Sheaffer, Rachel and Shay (along with all the kiddos) at the Frisco Discovery Center. From the minute we walked in Luke-Man was in Heaven... I'm not sure what Carter was doing, but he looked cute :)
Playing in the "Math Midway"
Luke and Carter "exploring" (Kensington, Jaxson and Smith really were there, but I somehow ended up with NO pictures of them! SORRY!!!)
Off to the next thing...
Making snow in the snow lab:
The next picture is pretty blurry, but this was him completing a tangram while screeching "I love this place, Mommy!!!"
After making snow and playing with tangrams it was on to building...

... and then measuring.
When it was time for the "snow show", my child was somehow front and center:
I guess this is a little "peek" into how he is at school:
When the instructor asked for volunteers to make a human snowflake, Homeboy was the first one up and ready...
After he was positioned correctly they put gloves on him (not really sure why... other than he was going to be holding hands with other kids... wierd)
The other kids came over and they connected to make a human snowflake:
Following instructions, but a little bit unsure. hahaha
The wind blew the snowflake over to the other side of the room: Luke had a blast and I'm sure that we'll be back soon!

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