Thursday, September 23, 2010

Worker Man

Luke now refers to himself (constantly) as "Worker Man".
"Luke-Man, it's time for dinner"... he keeps playing with his puzzles
"Worker Man, it's time for dinner..." Drops the puzzle pieces and runs to the kitchen :) The bathtub in our guest bathroom has been broken and he's been determined to "fix it myself". Thankfully he had a tool set and he knew how to use it...

Over the past few weeks we've heard statements like "Worker Man loves pizza", "Please read a story to Worker Man" and "Worker Man peed in the potty!"
The tub is now fixed (after a trip to Worker Man's favorite place - Home Depot) and a little help from Worker Man Daddy :) He's looking for other things to fix and is available for hire, he'll work for Capri Suns and pretzels - if you need a really cute Worker Man just let me know :)

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