Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Say it ain't so!

I've been in teacher in-service all week which means that blogging has taken a back seat to updating my syllabi, sitting through technology training, and beginning the groundwork for implementing a new classroom management system. Sounds exciting, right??? Not nearly as exciting as sitting at the pool with my little guy, but fun in the sense that the beginning of school means that FALL IS ON IT'S WAY! YAY!
I have a "blog list" on my desk with posts that need to be complete and since I'm short on time (and blogger takes FOREVER to upload pictures) I decided to do this one today because it was only two pictures. :) When Dave got home from Germany (yes... it was about 3 weeks ago, I told you I was behind!) Luke had made him a welcome home banner. Here are my two guys and the banner...Please check out Luke's amazing art skills... all his stickers go in groups :)

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