Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jump'N Land

A couple of weeks ago, Luke and I met Erika and Ebby Lee, Paxton, Mackey and Kirby at Jump'N Land for what we thought would be a fun, age-appropriate morning of jumping. Little did we know that three out of the five kids would want nothing to do with the inflatables! Thankfully they had this train thing that kept them occupied. If you look really closely you'll see Luke jumping...... we had talked all morning about going to "jump" and he ended up being the most freaked out. He was TERRIFIED of the bounce houses and decided to jump on everything EXCEPT them :)
(I know that the picture below is super blurry, but it's a closeup of him from the picture above - it cracks me up!)
Ebby Lee :)
Why is Jump'N Land so dark??? Because they have gym lights that take 8 - 10 minutes to come back on and they have the switches within a toddler's reach... not smart :)
This is where Luke spend most of his time... but only on the pink slide (which we have - in a different color - in our garage). I think we'll wait a little while before venturing back to Jump'N Land - but we did have a great time hanging out with Erika and the kiddos.

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