Thursday, July 1, 2010

No Fear

A couple of weeks ago (I think I've opened my last 15 blog posts with this line), we headed out to the Ft. Worth Zoo for a member appreciation day which included some fun zoo keeper "chats" and interaction with the animals.
Luke showed absolutely no fear of the giant 120 year old tortoise (or the keeper, who I think looks a lot like the turtle - and I don't mean this in a rude or mean way AT ALL - it's like how couples start to look alike after many years of marriage or how people resemble their dogs... you know what I mean, right?!?!?!) I don't know what his obsession is with poking things in the eyes. He pokes Cadences eyes constantly and if you look in the picture below he has his fingers in the turtles eyes!

We headed inside the cafe to check out some more cool turtles
If I hadn't birthed the child I wouldn't have known he was mine when we were watching a keeper handle a snake and he REACHED OUT AND GRABBED IT!!!
Please note how the older and wiser children have their hands a safe distance from the snake and my son is literally falling out of Dave's arms to get closer. EWWWWWW!
I was still a little shaken up from the whole snake-touching experience when we headed outside and Luke promptly interrupted some sweet little boys photo session on the bronze komodo dragon (a sentence I never thought I'd type. ha!). We're hoping that at preschool next year he learns some "social graces" like taking turns and not rooting through strangers bags at the pool.
He loved him some komodo dragon!
This picture may seem random, but this was the first time he'd walked up stairs without holding onto the handrail. Living in a one-story house he doesn't get a whole lot of stair experience and so he was pretty dang proud of himself (and so were we!)
I really wanted to get some cute pictures of him fearlessly feeding the parakeets, but right after I snapped the picture below it started to rain and I thought the smart choice was to put the expensive electronic equipment away. Our trip was pretty short and one of our last stops was to see the white tiger. Every other time that we've been to the zoo the lions and tigers have been sleeping (we've joked about them actually being fake since we NEVER see them move), but this trip was a different story!
The tiger was pacing in front of the glass window about 2 inches from Luke's face and Luke thought it was FANTASTIC! I guess he thought the tiger looked hungry because he kept saying "Tiger Nola Bar!" and offering the tiger a bite of his granola bar. I think the tiger had his eye on another little snack :)

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