Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Luke's Big Boy Room

Welcome to Luke's Big Boy Room! It's pretty much done and now all we need to do is to get Luke-Man to sleep in here! ha! It's a pretty big room with some fun details (the vaulted ceiling and slate floor) and when I was trying to figure out what to do with it I decided that I wanted it to be more "funky and fun" than "themed". I wanted him to be able to grow into it and up with it and not get tired of it after a couple of years.
This is a random assortment of new and old letters that I put together to stretch across the wall above the desk and credenza. Some are new as is (Hobby Lobby), some are new but altered (paper mache letters that I painted) and some are vintage (from old highway signs and theaters in NYC):
These were picture frames that I had hanging in my classroom at school until the glass broke in one (thanks to a fateful exam review game involving bean bags). My dad cut down some wood to fit the frames, then I painted them with magnetic primer and spray painted them metallic. I'll probably end up putting some of his artwork and stuff up there since the magnet power isn't strong enough to hold much else. ha! Peek-a-boo!!!

I see you :)
Some framed bday invitations and my very favorite "Happy Halloweenie" card:
This furniture was in our office at our old house and we were going to get rid of it since the new house had built-ins in the office. I am soooooooooooo glad that we kept it. It's a little unconventional for a bedroom but I think it works :)
I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a fun, old chair with an upholstered seat that I can recover with the same fabric as the pillows...

I almost didn't show y'all these because of the general disorganization, but then figured "what the heck!" I picked these up at the IKEA clearance section for $0.99 each about 4 year ago, thinking that they would fit under our bed and make great storage for wrapping paper and stuff (they actually are drawers for some giant closet system). Turns out our bed has some crazy lip on it and they didn't fit... so they sat in our garage FOREVER! Despite some encouragement to get rid of them I hung on and they ended up working (and matching!) perfectly under Luke's bed... they'll be great for toys, balls, etc.
I had some big black frames that I was going to hang over this side of the bed, but saw these puzzle piece frames and thought that they were much cooler. I wasn't sure what to put inside, but after some deliberation decided to find some photos of numbers and fill the frames with these. Luke is REALLY into his letters and numbers right now and has really enjoyed counting these :)
The pillows I made myself (there are several more that are still unfinished) and the fabric is actually upholstery weight that I bought online.

And last, the closet. All of his spring/summer clothes are in here and ready to go. All of his long-sleeve shirts and sweaters haven't made it over yet, but this will work for now. There are shelves all the way up on the right hand side that I just bought boxes for that folded sweaters and pants and stuff will go in.
Hope you enjoyed "the tour" and now let's just pray that Luke starts sleeping in here! :)

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