Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Can Kensington Come Out and Play?"

It's no secret that Luke and Kensington have a serious friendship goin' on (as much as you can when you're two)... but they ask about each other and genuinely are excited when they see each other at church or out and about. :) What makes this deal even sweeter is that we live down the street! I have a feeling that these two will be riding bikes back and forth and spending lots of time playing together between our two houses.
Before the Shulls left for their vacation, they invited Luke down to play in the sprinkler... ... and eat Popsicles!

Kensington and Luke really enjoyed drinking out of the sprinkler,
a lot :)
I wanted to get a group picture, but Kensington was not in the mood to participate, so I tried to get one of just the boys. Luke was more interested in rolling around in the grass...
... but Smith was a pro! :)
The rolling around in the grass isn't super significant other than the fact that we figured out that the "sensitivity" that we thought Luke had (that causes his eczema) is probably more of a full blown grass allergy since the next morning he was covered in a rash and had a runny nose and red, puffy eyes. Good to know!
Even though Luke looks a little lazy-eyed I had to post this because I thought it was too cute anyway. hahaha

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  1. Those are the sweetest pictures!!! I might be a tad biased but they are so cute!! I love the one of Smith in the grass. We love you guys!


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