Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Looking for the metaphor...

About a month ago I noticed these crazy "weeds" growing on the right side of our house. I started pulling them and then decided that maybe they were something I shouldn't be pulling and that I should leave them alone for a while. Over the next several weeks they kept growing, and growing and growing and growing. They're actually even taller than this now (I took this picture last week) I thought they were starting to look tacky and a little out of control, but before I ripped them out I took one more look and saw flower buds! Yellow flower buds! The anticipation built and built as I was sure GIANT sunflowers were going to burst into bloom any day.
When one bud finally opened it was the dinkiest sunflower ever! No bigger than the palm of my hand!!! Seriously?!?!?! With a stalk over 6" tall!!! Luke and I named the lone sunflower "Sunny" and although several more have bloomed since then Luke still waves "bye bye" to Sunny the Sunflower everytime we leave and says "Hi, Sunny!" every time we pull in so I can't bare to yank them out just yet. My mom was joking that there was probably some profound metaphor in this situation - a monstrous, giant stalk producint a rinky-dink lone flower, but I haven't been able to come up with it yet :)

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