Monday, June 7, 2010

Acts of Kindness

I'm trying to be really intentional about doing nice things for other people and letting Luke be a part of that. Teaching the age-group that I teach during the school year really makes me aware of how unaware some kids are of other people's feelings and situations and I want to make sure that from a really young age Luke has a kind heart and a real heart for people. I have a couple of projects planned for the summer, but one that we already did was making cookies for his Sunday School teachers. He helped me make the batter (I pre-measured ingredients and he dumped them in) and while we were doing it we talked about how nice it was going to be to surprise his Sunday School teachers with cookies. The next morning I bagged them up and wrote the tags and he colored on them. When we got to church he carried the bags in himself and gave his teachers a big hug. It was really sweet :) My high school craft club started a service project back in November when we decided to make pillowcases for the ConKerr Cancer organization. Unfortunately, our club meeting times were EXTREMELY limited second semester and so one of the first things on my summer to-do-list was to wrap up this project.
It took FOREVER, but I finished sewing up the cases and then bagged them all up and stuck a little note in there. Hopefully these will brighten the days of LOTS of hospitalized kids this summer! :)


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