Monday, April 26, 2010

Prom and the Auction

This past Friday night was MCA's high school Prom and was the first one in four years that I haven't been responsible for. When I opted out of the Student Government Leadership position last summer I knew it would be a big weight off of my shoulders and that was reaffirmed as I drove to the Grand Hotel 1) not two hours early 2) not on the phone with a chocolate fountain vendor and 3) without having to make a stop at Best Buy to pick up a TV for a door prize :) This time I wasn't concerned about what music was playing or if there was enough food...
... instead I got to man the door and check kids in as they arrived :)

It was MUCH more laid back than I was used to.
And it was great to see all of the kids before they took their shoes off, their hair down and got all sweaty from dancing. hahahaha
Then on Saturday night it was MCAs Enchanted Evening, our big auction fundraiser event. The students were servers...
... and greeters...
... and item runners. I was nervous about my PJ Party being bid on and my expectations were met and then surpassed when several people were aggressivley bidding on it (like, stationed beside the piece of paper aggressive) and it ended up selling for $300+. One of the families who didn't get it was super upset and so I offered to do a second pj party for a matching donation! So that's over $600 for the school's scholarship program and 2 pajama parties at my house :) I'll keep you posted on how those go. hahaha! One went to a 7th grade girl and the other to a Sophomore. I bid on several silent auction items, and ended up with this super cute cake stand. I had to take a picture, becuase I knew that if I just said cake stand no one would get it. :)
It was a super busy and fun weekend and I have another one coming up in a few days! The end of the school year is CA-RAZY!


  1. Two things...
    1. Girl in the blue-green mermaid dress? Love it. Gorgeous!

    2. I didn't know they allowed short polka dot skirts at a Christian school.

    Glad you had fun, and I would have bid on that cake stand too!

  2. God's couple is so cute!!!! I just want to eat em up!


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