Sunday, March 21, 2010


I don't think I ever posted the picture below, but back in October my parents had to put their English Setter, Maggie to sleep. She was full of cancer, was almost blind and deaf and was having a hard time getting up and down. She had fell out-lived her life expectancy (I think she was 17, but I'll have to confirm with my mom) and it was most definitley her time. So, since she hated car trips and it was a gorgeous day, mom clipped the leash on her and walked her to the vet... and they stopped at my house on the way so I could snap a picture (it's kind of miraculous that I got one since I was crying).... Since then mom has been talking about wanting a small dog and has been "keeping her eyes open" for the right fit. We had a bad experience with a dog years ago (we had a dog that bit through her hand! - trying to defend her of all things) and so she's pretty particular about what kind of dogs she's around. On Monday when I called her to see if we could come down and say hi, Mark answered her phone and told me that they were at the pound, "just looking".
Well, a couple of hours later this little guy was at our house to meet us:

His name is Scooter (they were going to try to change it, but he responds really well to it), and he's a 5-year old mix of some sort (we think maybe chihuaha and terrier, but aren't really sure)
His owners surrendered him when they had to move and so far he's been an ideal little dog
I think that this will be a regular scene around our neighborhood this Spring:
He's super laid back and mellow and loves to be under a blanket. :) This is him sprawled out on our patio on Friday and I love that he only takes up one little square. Too cute!
He can always manage to find a soft spot to lie, even if it is an old towel that was covering up a fern (which won't really make a difference since it's under 8" of snow this morning!)
And he's already the boss of Cadence (but really, who isn't the boss of Cadence!?!?!). hahaha We're looking forward to getting to know Scooter-Man and are excited he joined our family! :)

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