Monday, March 29, 2010

Luke's House

As I was cleaning up the weeks "clutter" that seems to accumulate by Saturday (I know, I know... pick it up every day and then you wouldn't have a week's worth of clutter... but sometimes that just doesn't work for me!) and I was about to throw away this box that got delivered when........ .... I was inspired to make Luke's house :)

It was a good thing I did since it is now his favorite toy EVER!

In a moment of creative genius I even drew our family portrait on one of the inside walls... please don't be jealous of my amazing drawing skills :)

On the other wall is the alphabet and the numbers 1 - 9... which was a brilliant idea, since now I can say to Luke, "Hey, Luke-man, why don't you go in your house and find the letter H" and he'll run over there, crawl inside and start pounding on the box and yelling H (or making the H sound, whichever suits his fancy at the moment)

As if Luke's house wasn't fun enough, we went for the diaper box robot as well!
H also thought this was great fun... ...until we had to take it off and he didn't want to bend his arms :)

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