Sunday, January 3, 2010

Better Late Than Never - Christmas Day Edition

We started Christmas morning off with our breakfast tradition - biscuits, gravy, breakfast casserole and fruit... well I say fruit becuase it's on the table to make us all feel better about comsuming multiple servings worth of breakfast meats and about 2 lbs of cheese. Surprise! Surprise! Luke LOVED the biscuits and gravy :) After breakfast Luke graced us with his "Look at Mommy's Eyes" face. This is the face that he makes any time I say "Look at Mommy's eyes" to make eye contact and tell him something important (like, "Baby Jesus goes in the manger, not in your mouth" or "Please stop feeding Cadence your cookies"). I think the look speaks for itself:
Here's the star of the show picking out his first present to open... I wonder why he picked that one??? ahahaha
In our family we started a tradition after everyone learned about Santa where we exchange names, shop for eachother's stockings and limit the items to a $20 total. This year we all chipped in a few things to make Luke's Santa Stocking... Uncle Mark's contribution was a whoopie chsuion and here he is showing Luke how it works... ... and Luke thought it was hilarious! Seriously?!?! Bathroom humor before he's 2??? What are we going to be in for when he's 12? (please note that Luke's absolute favorite thing is when Uncle Mark burps his name and Luke can now toot on command)

Luke loves him some Fisher Price Little People and he was INUNDATED with it at Christmas. Here he is playing with the ark. He loves to match the animals.

Grandpa got a SNUGGIE!!! Daddy and Luke picked it out at Kroger... because don't all the best Christmas gifts come from Kroger???? Gibi got a zebra one, but refused to open it, which was disappointing because I had hoped to get a picture of them "raising the roof" while wearing their snuggies. Oh well, she'll give in the to comfy goodness soon enough.
Dave got a new blower! Yay for him! Yay for our leaf-covered backyard!
By this point in the morning Luke was overwhelmed and a litle delerious:
Without a doubt the FAVORITE present of all was this car thingie that Uncle Mark gave Luke. He's OBSESSED with it! The cars all have to go on the correctly colored ramp and it's the very first thing he plays with every morning and he tries to take it to bed with him at night.
After breakfast, stockings and gift-opening was over, we got dressed and headed to Dave's Aunt and Uncle's house for lunch. I didn't manage to get any pics while we were there (because I was trying to keep my overtired, overstimulated toddler out of their roaring fireplace), but here are a couple of picture of Mr. Man before we headed out. We got him a little backpack for Christmas (he carries around his own diapers and cup now!) and it made me bawl my eyes out... he's so big!
It was an absolutely perfect, exhausting, delicious and gorgeously snowy Christmas day!

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