Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Since Dave works at a country club - we have the distinct pleasure of skipping the whole "mall santa" craziness that I've heard so much about and getting to meet the big guy in a more comfortable and relaxed setting - in between seatings of "Brunch With Santa". The club flies Mr. and Mrs. Claus in from Florida every year and they spend their weekend posing for pictures and eating lots and lots of breakfast food.
Here's Mrs. Claus leading Luke to the picture area - I'm a little bit disturbed by how not-reluctant he is of being led away by a complete stranger... Luke and Mrs. Claus...

I think it was actually harder to get a good pic of Mr. and MRs. Claus than it was of Luke - since he kind of had the same forced smile in EVERY picture:
"Tell me again why I'm sitting here?!?!?!"
Just in case you need a reminder of how much our sweet guy has changed in the last year - here he is with Santa and Mrs. Claus last year:

And we wrapped up our photo shoot with more awkward smiles:
It took him a while to even realize Santa was there: ...and then Santa confused him even more!
All was well when they gave him a bendy reindeer... which he proceeded to turn around and show them:
A little man-to-man with Santa:

UGH! Seeing how much he has changed in the last year and thinking about us looking back at this year's pictures next year (did that make ANY sense???) makes my stomach hurt. I think I'm going to go grab a few shortbread cookies and a diet coke to ease my nausea :)

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