Friday, December 11, 2009

Kids' Table

I'm still not sure when this happened, but all of a sudden our small group has a kids' table! Kensington, Luke and Jaxson enjoyed getting to hang out and eat togehter and us parents' marveled at our big they have gotten in such a short amount of time (and how all of our kids have a serious amount of hair!)
Miss Kensington workin' on her green beans:
Please disregard my jimmy-rigged makeshift dog pen in the back corner... it was raining and WAY too muddy to put Cadence outside:

I still can't get over that they used to look like THIS!
Green footy pjs... yay!
(Check out THIS post for a picture of when Luke and Jaxson first met) :)

We missed you, Gerbrandts! We'll have to get a full group picture next month.

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