Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I took a "personal day" yesterday since Dave is off this week and we had plans to take Luke to the Fort Worth Zoo - it would be my luck, though that it didn't get above about 50 degrees and was extremely windy. Plan B was to head over to the Heard to check out their "Dinosaurs Alive!" exhibit, but we quickly aborted that plan and opted for Plan C - to hang out in our PJs all day :) I did manage to be fairly productive, though and got the majority of my Christmas presents wrapped (YAY!) and the Christmas tree in my kitchen up and decorated. The day also consisted of multiple loads of laundry, more closet organizing and a few errands.
ANYWAY - I was checking Facebook last night when I got this message from one of my students, "Mrs. McAnally, you missed out on all the drama today! Two mice in your classroom!"
Since MCA is primarily an outdoor campus, when it starts to get cold "critters" come up from the field and like to find a warm and cozy place to stay - like student's lockers and the office. On Friday, in fact, we found a baby snake curled up underneath a sweatshirt that got left outside. Gross.
It turns out that about 10 minutes into class one of my students unzipped her binder and a mouse ran out! Needless to say, screaming and mass pandemonium ensued. Colonel Bellue (yes, he's a retired colonel) was my sub and he promptly stomped on it's head and killed it in the front of my classroom - and then proceeded to throw it in my classroom trashcan... ew. He got the class under control again and was giving them their assignment, when a second mouse scurried out of Madi's binder and quickly ran under my desk. Again. Mass pandemonium. This time the mouse tried to run underneath the door, trying to escape, but didn't quite fit and when the Colonel went to open the door the mouse was somehow decapitated. Ew. Both parts of said second mouse were then dumped in the trashcan as well. Ew. Ew. Ew.
I've had about 22 different recounts of this story in the 25 minutes before school and I'm sure that this event will live on in lore for years to come. It has also been mentioned several times that students wish I had been here instead of Colonel Bellue because "they really would have loved to see me FREAK out". My students know me so well.
I feel oddly better to know that the mice were brought in and that they weren't nesting and living in the cabinets behind my desk or some other place in my classroom - but my plan for my off period today is to make sure that my "snack stash" is stored in a big Tupperware and sealed up tight. ha!

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  1. It's always interesting when you have a sub but I think that day tops them all! :)


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