Friday, November 6, 2009

Homecoming Football

I was all ready to post pictures of Luke at last night's football game (it was the last Junior High game of the season), but then I realized that I never posted the pictures of Luke at the Homecoming Game from about a month ago. So here they are...
Luke and Grandpa watching the game: Luke and I spent most of the game running around the stadium, because despite the cookies, books, sippy cups and toys I brought, all he wanted to do was run! It was FREEZING cold on the night of the game, so Luke wore the MCA shirt I had made the night before OVER his t-shirt and sweatshirt. He looked like the marshmallow man!
More snacking and watching:
Hanging out with some of my students. Occasionally he'll play "shy", but on this particular night he didn't know a single stranger :) He sat on several people's laps, gave everyone he passed a high five and could have cared less where I was. ha!
Here's Mr. Man walking around with a bunch of my freshman girls :) He looks like he's having a horrible time, right?!?!?! hahaha Now that I've caught up from Homecoming I'll work on posting pics from last night's game - hopefully not a month late!

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