Friday, October 23, 2009

Reality Check - Pumpkin Patch Edition

Even before having Luke one of my "when I have kids" daydreams involved taking my cutely-dressed child to the picturesque pumpkin patch and spending a wonderful fall afternoon as a family taking pictures among the pumpkins... HAHAHA!
We decided to head to the Big Orange Pumpkin Patch in Celina and I guess I was expecting something a little more patchy and less muddy. :) Granted, it HAD been raining for about 10 days straight before we decided to go (smart, right?!?!). We arrived and were immediately greeted by about 400 goats... it totally creeped me out. Ever since Luke almost had his finger bit off by a Clydesdale in the West End I've been a little hesitant about letting him pet farm animals... and this was no exception. We looked at the goats from a safe distance and then proceeded to try to take a cute picture of him on the tractor - not happening:

(Note: I have officially become my mother... in the bottom picture of the scrapbook page above, Dave caught me licking my hand and fixing his hair - my mom did this to my brother CONSTANTLY growing up!)

This is where my photographic frustration began - I'm not sure why I expected Luke to sit in front of the pumpkins and smile at me, but I did... and he definitely didn't want to. In fact, he pretty much wanted to do anything EXCEPT sit with the pumpkins:

Okay people, this is where things started to really go downhill. We ventured over to the little pumpkin patch where kids can "pick" their own tiny pumpkin. Too bad Luke made a bee-line for the freshly tread tractor tracks and was ankle deep in mud by the time Dave got to him:

His shoes weighed about three and a half pounds and he went all "limp noodle" and wouldn't let us hold him because he wanted to sit on the ground and try to wipe the mud off of his shoes: We had planned on taking a hayride, but there was no way either Dave or I was going to let our mud-caked son sit on our lap for 20 minutes, so we made one more attempt to get a good picture of Luke with the pumpkins:

Foiled again! This time he was busy watching the DOZENS of other kids run around and ride the little barrel train thingie.

The silver-lining on the whole episode was that this sweet man offered to take our picture together before we left and the single shot that he snapped turned out fairly good (if you don't count the fact that Luke looks like he wants to be anywhere but with us. ha!) Although our trip wasn't how I had always pictured it, it was an absolute blast (and probably WAY more memorable than it would have been otherwise). We ended up having to strip Luke's shoes and pants off in the parking lot and he had to ride home without pants, but seriously, it wouldn't be a great trip to the pumpkin patch unless your pants had to ride home in the trunk, right?!?!? Next year we'll definitely put him in boots!

Here are a few pics that didn't make "the cut" for my scrapbook pages, but that I still thought were cute...
This is pretty much what he did the entire time - run!
Trying to get mud or dirt or hay off of his hands:
His reaction to being stripped down in public and having to ride home sans pants:

What's the best part of not wearing shoes?!?! Counting your toes, of course!


  1. Classic Luke, classic Luke ... what an experience!

  2. I am laughing so hard right now! Oh how similar our lives are!! ;)
    Luke looks SO BIG. tear.


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