Thursday, October 15, 2009

Close Knit

It's starting to get chilly and I am super excited becasue that means it's SCARF WEATHER!!! Ya'll may know that I have a bit of a "creative bent" and I LOVE making fun and unique scarves. My favorites are what my mom and I call "multis" - they're just a big, fun mish-mash of LOTS of funky yarns (some are even handmade by me!). Typically I've just sold these to friends, but would most definitley love to spread some flair around this fall, so if you're interested in having your very own "multi scarf" (for all my creativeness you'd think I could come up with a better name!) just shoot me an email ( They're $30/each and shipping would just be whatever it cost to get it to ya.
Please know that when I remembered this post (about an hour ago) I realized I didn't have any pics... so we headed outside and I had DAve snap these of me (so awkward)... I am not a fan of having my picture taken and couldn't have felt more wierd about these, but hopefully they show off the scarf:
P.S. - these are completely customizable - if you love pink it could be all different pinks, if you're super tall it can be super long, if you want it in just fall colors consider it done - just let me know.

P.S.S. - check out for my other creative venture.

Hope ya'll enjoy as much as I do!

P.P.S.S. - I forgot to mention my very favorite multi-scarf story... last Christmas I was at the mall and the check-out guy (yes, guy) at American Eagle told me that my scarf was "bitchin' " Pardon my language, but I thought it was too funny not to share. So if you want a bitchin' scarf, you've come to the right place (wow, now there's a slogan!)


  1. Very colorful. I love the designs!



  2. $30? Dang. I knew I should have snatched one up last fall...

  3. Very cool! I think you should call them "whimsy scarves".

  4. I LOVE scarfs- yours are too cute. I'd have to agree with the American Eagle guy ;)...that's really funny.

  5. those are AWESOME...and you should totally make that your slogan :)

  6. I love what you have created and I would like to invite you to join a FREE web site dedicated to people with a great talent in crafting. My web site is It would be great if you could share with others. If you are interested you can go to the post “Join hand crafted Creations” at for instructions and directions.

  7. I want one!!! :) Too cute! Not sure about what colors...i'll let you choose for me.


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